Renewable Energies

Egenera designs and manufactures high efficiency and low environmental impact plants for power generation, in particular solar, wind and hydropower.
The customer can find in Egenera the only point of reference from the consulting, design to the implementation.

The systems are equipped with all the necessary authorizations in accordance with local regulations, the clearance of constrains, screening practices and Environmental Impact Assessment, where requested.

The materials, selected among the best products available on the market, are chosen according to the typology of installation, in order to optimize the economic return on investment.

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We design and build “turnkey” plants to generate power even in the order of MWp. We use innovative technologies and components that allow an increase in productivity, safety and performance, such as high efficiency modules and energy storage systems.
Egenera has acquired an important know-how resulting from years of experience in this area, thanks to the installation of photovoltaic systems for some of the most important companies in the food sector, accommodation facilities, commercial and residential users.


The photovoltaic system allows to auto produce electricity with significant saving in electric bill.
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Aeolian plants use wind energy to generate electric power.
Mini Aeolian term indicates installations ranging from 20kW to 200 kW, while Aeolian one indicates those with a higher power.
Egenera realizes anemological studies, develops projects and offers financial advice for the installation of medium and large wind turbines.
The company is also able to offer a “turnkey” package that includes: feasibility analysis, paperworks for the authorization process, execution project, obtaining of the incentives and maintenance.
Before constructing any type of plant it is required a monitoring system that analyzes the features of wind in the choosen site, in order to obtain an estimate evaluation of its producibility.


The incentives for the electricity production, from wind power plants connected to the grid, shall be determined by DM 6th of July 2012.
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Hydroelectric plants can convert the potential energy of water falling from a certain height into mechanical energy, by means of hydraulic motors activating electric generators. The production of energy depends on two main factors: the fall or jump and the water flow rate.
Egenera designs and realizes “turnkey” hydroelectric plants and power plants. The company operates in full compliance with the environment, through solutions whose environmental impact is minimized.
Egenera has developed some automation and remote monitoring systems for turbines work control

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