Egenera is an ESCo (Energy Service Company)  that complies  with UNI CEI 11352:2014 and that provides integrated services for energy efficiency by acting in areas where the combination of different interventions can generate energy saving, energy consumption and energy waste reduction and development in using renewable energy.
ESCo can also finance directly, or through third parties, the energy efficiency improvement measures.


The Energy Efficiency Certificates (White Certificates) are negotiable bonds and issued by Energy Markets Operator (EMO). The titles certify the energy saving obtained through interventions and projects to increase energy efficiency.

The bonds are exclusively saleable on the electronic market managed by the EMO in which are allowed only accredited subjects as ESCo or companies in which there is a Energy manager or energy suppliers.

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ESCo’s offered services:

– Energy audits
– Preparation of feasibility studies with technical and economic analysis
– Implementation of energy efficiency improvement measures
– Management, control and maintenance of the energy efficiency improvement measures
Monitoring and verification of consumptions, of achieved performance and results
– Support for the acquisition and/or management of: funds, incentives, energy efficiency certificates, competitions regarding energy efficiency improvement measures
– Use trainings and information
– Buildings Energy certification
Financing of energy efficiency improvement

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