Energy efficiency

The company designs and develops energy efficiency solutions for applications in industrial, service and residential fields. Egenera offers innovative products and technologies, it researches and develops high value-added devices, designed to control and minimize the energy requirements of new buildings and to rationalize and optimize the energy consumption of existing structures. It performs actions aimed at energy saving both in electric and thermal plants for industrial factories, public administrations, commercial and residential structures.


efficienza energetica interno


Egenera has developed eRaise (Egenera Remote Advanced Instrument to Save Energy) a monitoring and management system of utilities and energy loads used for the consumption reduction of industrial plants, commercial and residential facilities, accommodation facilities and museums, applicable to a single structure or a complex of buildings and lines of consumption. Through the installation of connectable in LAN net or wireless sensors, and using the web interface the user can visualize real time data. Indeed, the software analyzes real-time consumptions, identifies potential waste and helps the implementation of corrective actions.
Through eRaise it is possible to implement customised features, services for data interchange and integration with management solutions already installed in the infrastructure.

eRaise system is:

modular and scalable. Available in different versions depending on the size of the company and for a sustainable investment.
– customizable. Clients can customize all screens, add and customize measures of additional physical quantities (accuracy, time measurement and sampling interval) and the graphical interface.
not impactful. It is also equipped with wireless sensors, which allow simple, quick and non-invasive installation.


Egenera deals with: the upgrading of existing lighting plants (incandescent or fluorescent lamps), the design and construction of new plants for indoor, outdoor areas and public lighting using LED technology.
Offered services:

Analysis of the ex ante situation (for existing installations)

Design of the System

– Lighting studio (for industrial and commercial facilities)

Selection of materials

Realization of new plant or requalification

Monitoring and verification of results

led manrico taglio soffitto


Cogeneration allows to transform a source of primary energy into other forms of energy: thermal and electrical.
In this field, Egenera aim is to make the best possible use of the energy contained in the fuel in order to obtain a lower consumption of it and a lower environmental impact. Fundamental in this regard is the creation of a very thorough analysis and design.
We deal with plants both in industrial (especially in the selfproduction) and residential field.
Compared with separate production of the same amount of electrical and thermal energy, the combined production involves:
economic saving due to the lower fuel consumption;
reduction of environmental impact resulting from the reduction of emissions and from the lower release of waste heat into the environment;
lower transmission losses and distribution for the national electricity system thanks to the localization of the plants near the catchment areas or self-consumption of produced energy.