Energy diagnosis & Energy management

The entry into force of Legislative Decree no. 102/2014 made it mandatory processing of energy audits for certain types of companies (large companies and enterprises with high energy consumption), that starting from 2015 and every 4 years they will have to carry out this process in accordance with Annex 2 to the decree.
Energy consumption are the mail source of cost for the companies, in this regard, the current market conditions require to seek the improvement of competitiveness through energy savings and optimization actions.
The energy audit aims to achieve an accurate assessment of consumption, in order to identify cost centers, waste and losses to be corrected with the creation of targeted interventions.

These results are achieved through:
• the measurement and monitoring of consumption centers
Analysis of the obtained data
Monitoring of the results after the interventions

Egenera is able to carry out a in-depth energy profile of any type of structure, in order to program corrective actions.
In this regard, the company take advantage of Eraise, system of monitoring and management of energy loads, designed and developed entirely in-house.
Thanks to the equipment and the acquired know-how Egenera can get an accurate chart of the energy uses, the actual needs and consumption of plants, equipments, buildings envelope and management processes.



Energy management is a crucial part of business economy.
A careful and continuous control of resources and consumptions provides significant savings that can be used for investments oriented to business growth.
An integral part of the Energy diagnosis provided by Egenera is represented by the support of our energy managers. Thanks to this it is possible to implement effective interventions aimed to optimization and energy saving, as well as environmental surveys. The Energy managers collaborate with the customer in order to obtain economic and environmental benefits, usefull also for the company identity, resulting from energy efficiency through an integrated, innovative and effective approach.

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