About us

We can live thanks to the Planet who gives us hospitality: Egenera’s goal is to take care of it

Egenera was founded in 2008 by a group of four engineers with solid know-how in engineering plant, automation, echniques of structural evaluation and realization of public tenders.
Over the years, the family has grown, and today the group is composed by experienced professionals in their respective fields and a highly professional staff of about 15 people, which develops and share projects, ideas and work, in a perspective of social, economic and environmental sustainability.

In 2010 the company is a founding member of the consortium Co.N.T.E.A. Network, formed by the will of a green pool companies with the objective of strengthening the renewable energy sector.

Egenera is the scientific partner of the European project LIFE + “H2POWER, Hydrogen in fuel gas”, leaded by the Municipality of Perugia and implemented in synergy with Umbria Mobilità, I&TC and Tamat NGO, with the objective to demonstrate a technically sustainable alternative to the urban transport that use traditional fuels: the hydrogen fuel being produced from renewable sources.

The wide experience gained in the field, thanks to the constant contact with the companies, businessmen and energy manager, gave us a clear picture of what the energetic consumptions are one of the main source of cost for the company. This belief led Egenera to invest in research and development of a system, made entirely in-house, that would allow the improvement of the competitiveness of enterprises, through the energy audit and the implementation of actions aimed at saving and optimizing resources .
Thanks to this important work, Egenera has presented in European premiere, the ERAISE system (Egenera Remote Advanced Instrument to Save Energy) at the Industrial Development Centre “Le Vivier”, in the Canton of Fribourg – Switzerland.

From 2014 Egenera became an ESCo operating in the areas of energy audit, building renovation and energy production with high efficiency and low environmental impact. In addition, the company is on the market to provide innovative solutions for the realization of projects for environmental protection and implementation of technologies for energy saving supporting enterprises, institutions, hotels, commercial and residential users in their path of efficiency.
As part of its functions, it deals with the necessary iter for the obtaining of White Certificates or Energy Efficiency Certificates calculated in relation to the energy saving achieved.


The engagement of the entire company is aimed to ensuring safety, quality and high performances.
Egenera, to this purpose, uses to invest resources, time and expertise for staff training, its safety in the workplace, obtaining certifications and qualifications that can help to improve the efficiency of performance and services.
Staff training is done through courses and job training within the company but also thanks to qualified and accredited external structures.

Training for “Casaclima” designers: certificate of Attendance
17th of May 2012 Eng. Valerio Baldicchi, responsible for thermotechnics and industry engineering construction at Egenera Srl, has obtained the Certificate of attendance after the Course for designers realized by Casaclima
Covered topics
– Build smartly: qualitative and quantitative evaluation of sustainability
– European, national and regional legal framework
– The strategy and the quality Casaclima mark
– The Casaclima certification
– Fundamentals of applied physics and thermal insulation of building elements
– Building materials
– plants
– Low-energy buildings

Acquisition of OG9 SOA qualification – Installations for the production of electricity, issued by the company QUALIFIED MANUFACTURERS of PUBLIC WORKS SOA S.p.A.

ENERGY MANAGER certificate
Expert in energy management UNI CEI 11339: 2009
The course has been realised by ACS (International school of professions, arts and crafts) in collaboration with FIRE (Italian Federation for the rational use of energy) and acknowledged by SECEM (European System for Certification in Energy Management)


ISO 9001: 2008
The Company has been certified with the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008

ESCo UNI CEI 11352:2014
Egenera has obtained  UNI CEI 11352:2014 certification – Provisions of energy services

F-GAS Certification 
Certification for Companies operating in the installation, maintenance or repair of stationary refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment containing certain fluorinated greenhouse gases (Regulation EC 303/2008)

Fronius Service Partner
Acquisition of Fronius Service Partner qualification: Egenera takes care of the Fronius inverter assistance in the territory of competence.

TESLA Energy Certificate
Acquisition of certificate as TESLA Energy authorized reseller and installer